Tea Time

When I started my 30 days of 1 gallon water, I knew I wouldn’t have any problems drinking that much. I rather like water and am always toting around a 33oz bottle and filling it up @ any water fountain I come across.

Typically, I’m a purist. When I said 1 gallon, I mean pure water, but, I relented a bit. Tea drinking is something I’ve always wanted to incorporate and what better time to do it than now?

A few weeks ago, I went to lunch and had dim sum, for drink, there was black tea. It was so yummy and what impressed me most was the pot was already made and stayed hot. I wanted the same thing, I didn’t want to have to boil 8oz of water and dunk & squeeze tea bags all day.

By chance, I caught someone cleaning out a thermos, which they filled w/coffee and told me it stays the same temperature till the afternoon and sometimes was still warm the next morning. Perfect! A thermos hunting I shall go.

Only issue was, I’d still have to make the tea and then pour it in the thermous. I, being a n00b tea drinker, had to check online to see how to make bulk tea and what supplies I’d need.

Over the weekend, I went to Target and as I looked for my thermos and ceramic kettle to make the tea, I found this baby…

…it’s my new best friend.

It makes both loose and bagged tea. You can make as little as 1 cup or 30oz which is what? 3 cups? (8×3=24, 8×4=32) ok, closer to 3.5cups.

So I filled it up to the max line, put in 4 tea bags and less than 10 minutes later, I had 30oz of tea that stays warm on the pot holder. I’ve been experimenting w/drinking tea str8, meaning no milk or sugar. The most I’ll add is honey. So far so good.

Now when I go food shopping, I see myself going to go nuts in the tea section. Currently on hand I covered the 4 basic tea groups: white tea, black tea, green tea and oolong tea. But at the rate I’m going 30oz in the AM, 30oz in the PM, I’ll be tea-less by the weekend.

Plus, I’m spoiled. I’m finding myself drinking it in the place of sipping water all day. The poor 30oz bottle is only showing up w/me in the gym. Lucky for it however, I’ve been going to the gym twice a day…

Yikes…gotta go…it’s tea time…

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