Bone Tired

I’m all moved in. Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh…I made the final drive and got HOME @ almost 11:30. It was a long day, but, I’m home.

My thighs, quads, calves, lower back, biceps & triceps are screaming sore. But I’m home.

DSL has been ordered, not sure when I’ll get computer hooked up and no electricity in either bedroom and no phone line in living room, so it may be a few more days before I not only post, but get pudge pics and training journal etc, updated. But I’m home.

Callie seems to be enjoying her new digs. Places to investigate, things to sniff…large windows to gaze out of. When I get my energy back, I must share the tale on how she almost got stuck between the wall and bathtub, as in she slipped through a crack and how she reminded me to take her things before I moved out of the old place.

Right now the house is a HUGE mess. When I get in later, I need to re sort what I’ve packed so I can find my vitamins and scale and commonly used things. Everything is scattered about, though losing the scale isn’t too bad…heh

The last two days eating has been awful. Yesterday I had a late breakfast @ noon and next time I had a chance to eat again was almost midnight. I did drink a lot and have found myself getting addicted to both frapachinos from Starbucks, loving the cinamon dolce, and McDonalds $1/larget sweet tea and iced coffee. Basically anything super cold has been hitting the spot. And now that my mini fridge is hooked up, I have two bottles of water that should be nice and chilly by the time I get in.

What else?

Oh, I hit the gym yesterday, before going to pack up the last of my things. And it was a sauna! I was drinking water and guzzled so fast, it dribbled down my shirt and felt…wonderful. So I looked around, sloppily guzzled some more…ahh…coolness.

Then I had the bright idea to pour the water on the top of my head. HEAVEN. So that’s my new gym trick. Sure people were looking pretty grossed out to see me coming in a t-shirt that was practically plastered to me and soaking wet, surely they thought I sweated out all those fluids. But I was the one feeling nice and cool so there.

Later, as I was getting changed in the locker room a woman commented to me how humid it was in the gym. I thought it was just me feeling extremely hot and bothered. Too bad that pour ice cold water on top of your head trick doesn’t jibe too well @ the 9-5.

Back when I get DSL up and running…(sorry for typos/grammar, as the title sez, I’m bone tired!)

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