You Can’t Lose Weight Alone

I know, I know. In recent days I’ve been bombarding you all w/book reviews. I just got a glut of book sent my way, to which I’m extremely grateful, and out of courtesy I try to get the book read and review posted in a timely manner. This book was given to me courtesy of Dr Fitness and The Fat Guy.

I’m a believer in getting signs from [Insert your favorite Deity's name here] to get me through certain points. And considering the last two books I read, this one and The Four Day Win, both have similar themes, I think [Insert your favorite Deity's name here] is trying to tell me something.

In this book, You Can’t Lose Weight Alone, you learn The Partner Power Weight Loss Program.

1. Eat right
2. Exercise
3. Get a support system
4. Get someone to keep you accountable

Guessing we all know the obvious, eating right and exercising, the authors jump in with the importance of support. You learn how to develop your support system, choosing a good partner and most importantly, identifying a bad one.

Admittedly I’m a go it alone chick. Could be b/c I’m an only child *shrug*, but there is power in numbers. When I first started blogging about my weight, it was an oasis to find other people, just like me, and in a way, they became my virtual support, though I didn’t call them that, I just called them my blogroll. *snort*

Next, accountability. Something I don’t have any probs with. My site is my accountability. It cuts both ways when you aren’t doing the right thing and you imagine some 200 eyeballs rolling in their heads @ your latest antics. But you are not me, so that doesn’t apply.

In the accountability section, you learn how to set realistic…REALISTIC…weight loss goals and even sign a contract to boot.

The last two chapters are about Eating Right and Exercise. Finally at the end, they cover safety while exercising. This book is a very good read, written in a conversational tone. When I met the guys on the show, they were very friendly and jovial, it comes across in the book as well.

Again, like most books I’ve recently read, there are two recurring themes, Eat Right & Exercise. The rest of the books veer off into their own philosophies on how to accomplish those things. Which I don’t mind b/c we all don’t learn the same way. It’s good to read a variety of books and opinions b/c something is bound to strike a cord and spur you into action.

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