Monthly Archive for April, 2007


When I went out of town last week, I learned Maggie (Callies’ mother) had another batch of kittens. Six of ‘em just five weeks fresh out the oven, she stole them from where she lived and plopped them in my mom’s shed.

Over the past few days I got a chance to know them, 5 boys and 1 girl, though my lack of a biology degree initially had me thinking she had 5 girls and 1 boy. Must reread the book on the birds and the bees.

Anyhoo, of them all, this one…


…endeared himself to me the most and I don’t even like boy cats. I called him Turtle. B/c when I’d go visit them @ the shed, he’d run underneath and stick his head out, see me, and stick it back under, then immediately stick it out again.

I think he’s the runt o’ the litter only b/c when I’d feed them, he’d rather stand in the shed and not eat…


…he’d also fall asleep while standing up…


…he didn’t play much w/the others. At least not when I was around. Rather, a tornado of kittens would go flying by…


…he’d get caught in the backdraft, tussle w/them for a bit, catch me standing there and scamper off.

When we brought them all inside, @ one point having 9 cats in the house!! (Queen Maggie, her 2 cubs: my Callie and Callie’s sis Holly & the 6 kittens) he’d go around the rail, under the planter and start to meow like he was lost. I’d bring him back with the others, he’d go back around the rail and under the planter and start to meow.

In addition to Head Cat in Charge, Maggie…


There was Mykah. RIP Mykah (he was run over by a car @ 7 months) Older bro to Callie & Holly, they were 5 weeks when he was 7 months…


There’s Holly, littermate to my Callie…


They meet again (Callie’s laying down)…


The Tiger Twins (One boy, one girl)…

The Tiger Twins

Black Boots Twins…

Black Boots Twins

and lastly, Callie Jr…aka CJ…


…who may or may not be blind in one eye…


Thus named CJ b/c it goes both ways for a girl or boy and of all the kitties, his fur looked the most like Callie’s when she was that small.

Baby Callie…

Baby Callie

I wished I could bring them all w/me but baby kittens are hard work. Plus Callie hated them all w/a passion. For some odd reason, they’d see her and try to nurse…lol

Two last shots…b/c it just melts my heart…


…and makes me smile…

Chowing down

the backwards nursing…they are so determined…I think that’s the same anklebiter w/his legs all splayed out on the white blanket.

Tank Top Arms, Bikini Belly, Boy Shorts Bottom

For the past few weeks, when it comes to weights, I’ve been winging it @ the gym. I have a few books w/weight lifting routines, but they are all packed up in my aunt’s garage. I’ve gone online and pieced together a few routines and just never remember to get myself to a library and check out a book or two, so I was quite happy to receive a copy of Tank Top Arms, Bikini Belly, Boy Shorts Bottom by Minna Lessig. Yes I raved about LL Cool J’s Platinum Workout, but truth be told, I spent more time than not gawking and his FINE body than absorbing the words. This book however, is quite girlie, and I like it.

The book starts off w/a brief intro and some words on cardio and stretching. It’s then broken into 3 sections: arms belly and bottom. Minna breaks it down even further into 3 levels: novice, skilled and master. At the end of the book, she puts it all together and gives 3 four week programs. One for each level: beginner, skilled and master. In the appendices, she gives eating principles and training logs.

It’s a big book, about 275 pages, but I love the layout. Instructions are on the left side and the right side contains pictures of the actual workout in various stages. Based on your level, you She first gives the set/reps based on level. Your sets and reps are based on the level you select. Then she gives direction on doing the move either at home or in the gym.

If there was one thing I wish it had, it would be instructions on using weight machines. All the moves are done w/dumbbells or using your own body weight. Right now and for the next few months, I just don’t have enough floor space to do any weight training at home. That also means I won’t be able to test the book, but I will be pilfering a few lower body moves for my current routine.

Her eating plan is very basic and pretty much what is known to work. Eating slowing, eating every 2-3 hours, eating small portions, good carbs, healthy fats, enough protein. Since it’s primarily a weight lifting book, I’m glad she does touch on food a bit and for the most part, offers reminders and personal examples on why the basic way of eating perhaps is the best.

Back in town

I got back to ATL late last night and brought a splitting headache w/me. So splitting, it was still w/me when I woke up this AM and took 2 doses of Tylenol to fade away by late afternoon.

Other than being a bit tired, I’m fine. I managed to get in 2 workouts whilst I was gone a BIG deal for me. And also ate clean every day from Tues to Frid. Saturday we both ate out.

I had a few light bulb moments during my time away and will get my thoughts sorted on what I’m feeling and what direction I’m going in, both personally and publiclly as it concerns my blog. Were I to be 100% honest, I emotionally checked out of blogging here a very long time ago and have just been going thru the motions.

Part of the problem was my need to keep things the same, despite feeling otherwise. Which caused me to start shutting down to the point where I find myself forcing myself to post, moreso than doing it out of any true desire.

There’s many reasons for it. A general malaise about my life and what I’m not doing and should be doing vs. what I want to do vs. feeling stuck. As well as the big ole elephant in the room, I’ve had a weight loss blog for 2 years and have managed to gain 20lbs.

While where I live serves many purposes, I am NOT happy w/the situation and it takes all of my emotional energy to have a stiff upper lip, that when the time comes for me to do what I’ve always done online, I don’t have the ooomph anymore.

And on and on and on.

However, I dunno, I’m scrappy I guess. I may sulk and pout for a bit. I may even let myself get defeated, but deep down, I always plan for a way out of whatever I’m feeling.

So, later this week, I have a book review for tomorrow, I’ll put words to what I’m thinking and feelind and where I’m changing the site a bit. A few may have noticed certain things have “vanished” or changed…I put other features on hiatus…hopefully the system I’m thinking about will not only work better for those who are interested in what I have to say, it’ll re-engage my passion for blogging.

So thanks for still checking in and being patient…