Not Cool

On a whim, I took one of those online test thingys for lapband surgery.

Hold onto to your drawers, I’m in NO WAY considering it. For other purposes, I got an email and wanted to check out the link. I saw where I could plug in height/weight/age and see if I “qualify”.

I did.

@ 5′ 5″, 205lbs (as of Sunday 5/20: 201 on the home scale & 203.5 on the L.A. Fitness scale) so I rounded up a bit, I got the “good news”.

According to them, my BMI is 34 and here’s the graphic kick in the teeth…

…good candidate. As if.

I know what I’m willing to do to lose weight and what I’m not. Since my recent health alert, I’ve been quiet about what I’m currently doing. Mostly b/c I’m gun-shy about the whole blogging about it only to not keep it up lather rinse repeat sorta thing.

Let me get a few more good days under my belt before I get into detail. You can always check out my training journal to see how I’m sweating and I add a few daily thoughts on the good ole pudge pic blog.

As for eats, I have been logging my food in a seperate forum, I’m just too put it in Fitday. When it’s all said and done, I’ll post it here.

One of the great things about the public blog is support when you least expect it. For the next few weeks I’m buddying up offline w/another longtime blogger buddy who is also facing blood pressure issues, to just check in and keep each other accountable.

For now, that’ll do just fine.

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