Most of you know me from an old weight loss blog I shall not name since by the time this site goes live and is visited the link will be down forever. Others are here from redirects, search engine hits, webrings or blog hopping. However you got here, let me take a moment to reintroduce myself.

reneegetsfit.com is a health & fitness related blog. The primary focus is the latest news, trends, fads and your commentary. I would love for it to turn into a watercooler of fitness chit chat.

I set this site up for many reasons, mainly because I was tired of talking about myself being up a pound/down a pound. I also loved finding out the latest health news and talking about it with others. From time to time I’ll make a note of any significant progress I have made. As the year progesses I’ll add links so it won’t just be the blog, but my focus is to have discussions about health and fitness.

The format of the blog is 3-5 articles during the week, a girls gotta get weekends off ya kno *wink* and most major holidays I’ll be off. In those cases I’ll leave a few open threads for ongoing chat. If this takes off, crossing my fingers, I’ll love to invite guest bloggers. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Some future content will be product reviews, my training journal, and health related resources. As of this posting the site is maintained by one person and I timed it to have it up and running by the first of the year for all those symbolic “fresh start” reasons.

I hope you enjoy it.

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