And the winner is…

And all this time I’ve been a big NutriSystem cheerleader.

A review of 10 of the nation’s most popular weight-loss programs found that except for Weight Watchers, none of them offer proof that they actually work at helping people shed pounds and keep them off. Only Weight Watchers had strong documentation that it worked – with one study showing that participants lost around 5 percent (about 10 pounds) of their initial weight in six months and kept off about half of it two years later.

I’ve always had a brain fog when it comes to Weight Watchers. Could never grasp the points concept. But that was in my health ignorant years. I took a look at it over the summer and it seemed a bit clearer. Still I’m a no fuss no muss kinda gal and prepackaged eats from NutriSystem just does it for me.

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