Great Rewards

Not One Stitch

A very very bad habit of mine is to buy clothes. Ok, it’s really a necessity, but not how I do it. I end up going on mini shopping sprees every 3 months or so, after finding out my current clothes no longer fit, and not in a good, WOW I’m a smaller size kinda way, but in the SONOFABITCH I have to go up 2 sizes sucky kinda way.

This year, my ultimate reward is to go on a true shopping spree when I both reach my weight loss and 1000 mile goal (see below). Till then I am not buying a stitch of clothes. No shoes, no socks, no underwear, no shirts, no pants, no bras. Nothing.

How can that last?

Fairly easy.

During previous shopping sprees, I’ve managed to purchase enough things from size 8/10 to size, as of late November, 18. Let’s just say, clothing wise, I’m good. Put it like this, I even pre purchased a black pudge pic ‘kini in small.

One year I started to reward myself $ for every lb loss, but it gets tricky when my weight fluctuated back up. This time when I do my 30 day updates, for every lb shed $5 will go into the clothing jar.

With a goal of losing 50-60lbs that’s $250-300 in the clothing jar.

1000 Miles Reward

I did this approach in ’05 and started if off in ’06, but somehow my focus changed to weight and lbs lost which are things I can’t control. As previously mentioned, my focus is going to be on things I can control. Minutes worked out. Miles walked.

For every 10 miles I walk or run or elipp (is that even a word?), $5 goes into the clothing fund jar.

With a goal of 1000 miles, that equals $500 in the clothing jar.

Since I am not buying clothes for the entire year, it’ll truly be an end of year treat.

Get Lost
Now that I’m aiming to do 30 minutes of physical activity every day of the year, this isn’t so much a reward as it’s a treat. A non-food treat. Each week I knock out my 30 minutes, I will finally watch 1 episode of Lost Season II. When that ends, I have unseen episodes of Arrested Development Season III, The Office Season I. and Entourage Season III to enjoy. There are a few things I can delay gratification like you would not believe.


Next week I’ll share my quarterly plans. Since the ultimate reward is tailored toward the end of the year, to stay motivated throughout the year, I have a different set of really cool fitness related things.

Have a great weekend!

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