Quarterly goals 2007

This is an annual tradition, as I don’t make resolutions.

Unlike past years where I focused on a # on the scale, I’m changing things up. These goals are going to focus on things I can physically accomplish. Each quarter I reach my goals, I get special fitness related reward. I have already vowed no clothes this year. I will make one exception and make Quarter 1′s reward a new pair of running shoes. Trust me, you don’t want to know how long I’ve been hoofing around in my current pair…

tore up from the floor up

…nuff said

Below the fold are the dates, goals I can control and just for piss and vinegar, goals I can’t.

Quarter Dates
#1 – 1/1 – 4/1
#2 – 4/2 – 7/1
#3 – 7/2 – 9/30
#4 – 10/1 – 12/30

Q1 Controllable Goals
- walk, run, precor or arc train a total of 175 miles (14.6 miles week/2.08 miles a day)
- start my 30 day challenges: January: 30 days of 30 minutes, February: 30 days of love, March: 30 days of 1 gallon of water
- per day, drink @ least 30 oz water in January, 60 oz water in February & 1 gallon of water in March

Q1 Out of my Control Goals
- Lose 12lbs (192lbs -> 180lbs by 4/1/07)
- Lose 3% body fat (38.1 -> 35.1 by 4/1/07)
- Reduce BMI 1.5 pts (31.9 -> 30 by 4/1/07)
- Reduce resting rate 3pts (80 -> 77 by 4/1/07)

When each quarter is done, 4/2, 7/2, 10/1 and 12/31, based on where I’m at, I’ll set goals for Q2 and so on and so on.

B/c this tends to get lost in the shuffle of the year and to keep my eyes focused on the controllable goals, each week, along w/my weekly weigh in, I’m going update my mileage progress here and on the sidebar.

For the next 3 months, Renee is hoofing it for a new pair of shoes!

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