I’m always late to these things. *fumes* This week was National Delurking Week.

Delurking means, you’ve been reading my blog since day 1, or day yesterday, and have yet to leave a comment. You can use a fake name, I rarely hunt people down  and you don’t have to be long winded, a simple, “Hey Renee!” will do.

Copy and paste if you’re feeling lazy.

I won’t harass you to sign my frappr map or be myspace friend…*sniffle*…just delurk why don’t ya? I’ll leave this posted @ the top till next Saturday.

c'monnnn you know you want to...
(I made the graphic. You don’t need to ask me if it’s okay to use it.
If you do use it, just linking back to my site saying where you got it from is thanks enough.)

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