Quarterly Rewards

Now that you know my fitness goals, both yearlong & quarterly, in addition to my ultimate reward, today I’ll share my quarterly rewards.

Each quarter I have specific things I want to accomplish. I’m going to reward myself for accomplishing the ones I can control. Managing to accomplish the uncontrollable is icing on the cake and is it’s own reward.

In my best game show host voice, want to see what I’m working for? Make w/the mouse and clicky click click!

Q1 – Sneakers

After 3 months I think I can reward my tootsies w/some new kicks. And while I didn’t think it true, going to a true running store and getting fit for real live running sneakers was a good move. I can’t predict what kind/style I’m going to get, as I let them tell me what works best for me based on my dainty stride. I then pick the one that don’t make my boat size feet look like a yacht. I can’t WAIT for sneaker shopping day!

Q2 – Pedometer

I’m a pedo-ho. I’ve had so many, free ones, cheap ones, now I want the one Dr. Oz and The Other Guy recommended on their show, YOU: On a Diet….

…the reviews on amazon.com are really positive. Not only is it more stable than clip on models, it has tons of neat features that makes my inner geek drool. In 6 months I can retire the current pedometer, provided it lasts that long.

Q3 – Digital Camera

Over the holiday I realized my USB cord wasn’t working properly to transfer the pics. I had to jiggle it to work and now I have to leave permenantly plugged in the camera. It’s just awkward. Plus the battery cover cracked so when I hold it, if I touch it, it resets the date/time and I lose the last pic I took. Oh and Callie knocked it off my desk so the front lens is dented in a bit.

I was going to bite the bullet and get the best model I could afford, under $150, and found a 6 pixel model for $129…

EASYSHARE C653 Zoom Digital Camera

…I realllllllllly wanted it, but decided it’d be too easy to just get it just b/c. Instead I want to earn it. After 9 months it’s safe to say I have. Plus @ the rate prices drop, by then I may be able to get a 100 pixel model for $25

Q4 – iPod Nano

The BESTEST gift!

When I get this baby…

iPod Nano

…I’m going to get the talking sneakers. It’s not enough to be self motivated, I want to be like the dude in the commercial, pretending I’m running a race as the robotic woman tells me, 200 kilometers to go and shove thru a group of people as I bust through an imaginary finish line. After 12 months it’s a heckuva reward to finish the year.


Now that I’ve spend the first two weeks of the year getting the physical plan down, next week I’ll sum up how I’m eating. That should take about an hour……I’ll also share one final set of plans: my twelve 30 day challenges.

Do you guys have any rewards planned to motivate you along your weight loss journey? I’m always looking for new ones to steal

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